With iSail's powerful yet easy to use features, you no longer have to be anchored to your front desk. Members and instructors can access reservations and class information remotely, leaving you out of the loop.
Since iSail is compatible with the Microsoft Office® suite as well as QuickBooks®, your front office and back office functions are seamlessly integrated. You run your own marketing campaigns, do ad hoc queries and create a wide variety of reports and emails without redundant effort. Your data is stored locally as well as via the web, so you retain full control of your information while retaining an emergency backup. Best of all, iSail is designed to keep things easy on your bottom line.
You can do it: hoist anchor, set sail, and prepare to leave your desk behind. Wouldn't you rather be out on the water? Call to schedule free demo
  • Increase revenues: allow members or students to schedule lessons or reserve boats online, anytime-even if no-one's in the office
  • Save time: let instructors check their lessons and schedules remotely, without involving another staff member
  • Improve member satisfaction: give your customers the special treatment they deserve by keeping track of all important interactions and data
  • Reduce administrative expense: spend more time out of the office with iSail's easy-to-use, fully integrated system
  • Rest easy: gain confidence knowing that your critical data is backed up automatically
  • We hear it all the time: it's a real challenge keeping a sailing business in perfect trim. You split your time between getting new clients, making sure they're happy, managing instructors, maintaining the fleet, and keeping a weather eye on the bottom line.
    Chasing down the details with manual systems or old databases just takes too much valuable time.
    Flexible software designed just for sailing organizations
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